Welcome to Lotus Train Express

Lotus Train is a deluxe cabins train, newly launched in June 2019, specialize in route Hanoi to Hue - Danang. The cabins are well equipped with soft sleeping berths, Air-conditioner, Free Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee, snacks and wet tissue. The Train is managed and operated by 2 dedicatedly service oriented men Mr. Thanh and Mr. Hieu.Our rate is higher than the regular VNR train because we offer below facilities: · Renovated toilets · Wi-Fi on board · Complimentary beer, coke, snacks, coffee, water, wet issues · Our mattresses are thicker and more comfortable than normal VNR cabins · Bed sheets, pillows, blankets are changed and got laundry after every ride from Hanoi to Hue or Da Nang (unlike others) · Our carriages are much newer than the regular VNR, because we have chosen the newest carriages from VNR trains. · We control cockroaches not 100% but much better than regular VNR cabins. .

Lotus Train Express is currently one of the best options to take from Hanoi to Dong Hoi - Hue - Da Nang by train.