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Why Us?

Why Us?

09:58 - 11/06/2019

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Why Lotus Train?

  • We are a licensed tourist train operator in Vietnam. Our connections are nationwide
  • Full and clear information of train options
  • 24/7 and convenient to contact, to request, to book, to pay and to change
  • Best advices before departure
  • Up to date and good price
  • Get reward point for your next booking or for your friends and family
  • Read and share reviews with your community

What makes Lotus Train unique is the pairing of technology and the human touch. We have close relationship and negotiate personally and up to date with Vietnam National Railways to ensure the best possible value to our customers.

Mission statements:

  • To customers: To be the best group travelling brand to choose and book tourist train in Vietnam
  • To partners: To be the best company to increase your revenue and promote your brands
  • To community: To maximize contributions to local community in job creation, environment protection, education development, humanities